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If you are looking for details on dentures, then you are in the right place! Dentures are a very successful form of smile restoration for people who have lost multiple teeth. Furthermore, dentures are known to help you talk and chew appropriately after severe tooth loss, so you can keep living your life comfortably.

At Lincoln Park Dental Associates, our dentist offers dentures to help you with your smile restoration needs. As a result, our team is happy to help you understand more details on dentures, so you can see if they are ideal for you.

Here are some details on dentures:
– Customizable: Dentures can be customized to fit your smile as needed.
– Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are designed to replace a few missing teeth in your mouth.
– Complete Dentures: Complete dentures can be crafted to replace an entire row of teeth.
– Removable: Dentures can be removed and attached for easy cleaning on a daily basis.
– Repairs: Make sure that you never try to repair your dentures on your own. Instead, visit Dr.Theodore Gehrig for restorations.
– Longevity: Dentures are designed to last several decades if cared for properly.
– Fragile: Use caution when handling your dentures, as they are fragile.

As you can see, dentures are beneficial and can help restore your oral health and smile. If you continue to have questions or wonder if you could benefit from getting dentures in Chicago, Illinois, please call us today at 773-348-7008 for an appointment. Our dental team looks forward to taking your call and helping you.