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At Lincoln Park Dental Associates, we believe in preventative measures that help protect your smile and your oral health. One of the ways we do this is by providing oral cancer screenings for our patients in Chicago, Illinois, as part of their routine dental exam. Early detection is vital as mouth cancers and pre-cancerous lesions are highly treatable in the early stages. During your oral examination, our dentist will check for abnormalities in the following areas:

  • Your lips, cheeks, and tongue.
  • The hard and soft palates in your mouth.
  • The floor of your mouth.
  • Your throat.
  • Your sinuses.

If Dr. Theodore Gehrig, finds unusual signs that may indicate oral cancer, we may pursue two options. We might schedule a follow-up visit to see if your abnormality is still active, and will also check for signs of change since the initial visit. Next, you may receive a biopsy where a cell sample is sent out to a laboratory for evaluation.

If you are at high risk for cancer, these oral cancer screenings are invaluable. What are some of the indicators for high risk? Habitual tobacco use (smoking, chewing, etc.), regularly drinking high levels of alcohol, a previous diagnosis of cancer in the past,  or repeated exposure to sunburns.

If it is time for your next dental cleaning and exam, or to find out more about our oral cancer screenings, please call 773-348-7008 today. Dr. Theodore Gehrig, and our team are here to help you have a healthy, beautiful smile!