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Tooth hazards are a serious health risk that can destroy your smile as you age. Although microscopic damage is a known risk factor for your oral health, oftentimes, lifestyle choices and products that we are surrounded by in our daily lives can damage our teeth just the same. To ensure your teeth can continue to thrive, make sure you’re practicing effective lifestyle habits, wearing safety equipment when needed, and eliminating unhealthy lifestyle choices when they arrive.

Always avoid chewing on products that are too hard or tough for your teeth. This can include ice, cough drops or inedible products such as pens or pen caps. By chewing on these products, you risk damage to your teeth and gums via chips and cracks. As an alternative, try chewing on sugarless gum.

For an additional layer of protection to your teeth and gums, try wearing a mouthguard. Mouthguards are designed to be placed over the top your teeth and gums and can be purchased at a store or custom-designed by your dentist.

If you are suffering from bruxism and continually grind your teeth, they will wear down over time. In addition, if your teeth are out of alignment, they can easily chip and crack and cause several forms of dental damage to arise. By wearing a mouthguard at night, you can lower the risk of dental damage due to bruxism.

Avoid mouth jewelry whenever you can. Mouth jewelry can consist of lip and tongue rings, which can lead to several health risks including infections, nerve damage, and choking risks.

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