Protect Your Smile by Limiting These Beverages

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Watching what you eat isn’t just good for your body but for your oral health as well. A balanced diet that gives you vitamins and minerals can help teeth and gums stay strong. The converse is also true, as the things you eat and drink can harm the teeth if you aren’t careful. Let’s look at the drinks you should limit (or avoid) if you want to keep your teeth strong.

–Energy drinks and sports drinks are typically loaded with sugar which is destructive to tooth enamel. If you drink these often, we encourage you to check the labels and choose the ones that are lower in sugar.

–Acidic drinks erode tooth enamel when exposed to them often. When tooth enamel weakens, it is more susceptible to decay from tiny holes that can develop. So, if you like putting lemons or limes in your water, you may want to reconsider. Water is always a healthy choice, but you can also try drinking these through a straw to limit exposure.

–Carbonated drinks like soda contain acid that feeds oral bacteria that turns into plaque when sipped throughout your day. Even diet soda is acidic which harms your tooth enamel.

–Alcohol dehydrates oral tissues as it acts as a diuretic. This causes dry mouth, a condition that dries out oral tissues, which allows bacteria to thrive. Over time, this invites tooth decay and gum disease. Limit your alcohol intake for a healthier mouth.

Water is always a good choice when it comes to hydrating your mouth and your body without side effects. If you would like to know more, or to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Theodore Gehrig, please call us at Lincoln Park Dental Associates in Chicago, Illinois today. We can be reached at 773-348-7008.