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Our skilled dentist, Dr. Theodore Gehrig, offers periodontal disease therapy for our patients battling gum disease. Also called periodontal disease, this condition afflicting the gum tissue in the mouth is highly treatable in the early stages. In fact, in the early stages, it can often turn around completely. One of the treatments that help accomplish this is a non-surgical deep cleaning called scaling and root planing.

Combining scaling and root planing treatments with improved at-home daily dental hygiene care–brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash to reduce plaque-causing oral bacteria–your gums can avoid the more advanced, degenerative stages of this disease.

Once your gums have been evaluated to determine if a scaling and root planing is right for you, you can expect the following:

1- Your treatment will be scheduled.

2- When you come in for the appointment, you may receive a local anesthetic to help you relax more comfortably if needed.

3- Plaque and calculus will be removed below the gums.

4- The affected tooth roots will be carefully cleaned and the harmful bacteria on the roots will be smoothed away (this is called planing). Cleaning out the thin layer of infected bone material which attaches the teeth to the jaw, the cementum, along with cleaning the tooth root, the supportive bone will be preserved and you will avoid tooth loss. Sometimes scaling and root planing may be spread out in separate appointments.

At the dental practice of Lincoln Park Dental Associates, in Chicago, Illinois, we look forward to helping you overcome gum disease. We are happy to schedule an evaluation to see which periodontal therapy treatments might work best for you. Please call 773-348-7008 today to speak to a member of our caring staff.