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While cleanings and exams at the dentist are probably not high on your list, they are actually very important when it comes to your oral health. You need not think of them as inconveniences, because they help you avoid uncomfortable dental problems.

A major way we can help you is by cleaning out plaque your toothbrush may have left behind. While brushing and flossing do clean up a lot of plaque, not everything can be snatched up. Plaque that stays in one place for a while becomes tartar, which is actually harder to clean off. If plaque and tartar stay too long, they can bring about cavities and gum disease.

Dr. Theodore Gehrig has tools that are much more efficient for cleaning your teeth, so he can clean off the tartar and plaque. This safeguards your teeth and gums from any problems, so you need not worry about them.

Of course, if gum disease or a cavity is starting to take hold, you may not notice them until they already have a strong presence. A dental cleaning or exam allows the dentist to scan your mouth for such problems. Dr. Theodore Gehrig has a good understanding of the early signs of both conditions, and he can notice them and help you stop them in their tracks, so you can enjoy a healthy mouth.

In truth, a dental cleaning or exam is helpful for all, even for people who brush and floss correctly. If you would like to receive a dental cleaning or exam, then you are more than welcome to come to Lincoln Park Dental Associates in Chicago, Illinois. You can call 773-348-7008 to schedule your appointment.